New Peoples Bank Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use New Peoples Bank Login:

1. Enter the following in your browser's URL:

2. Enter your username on the Access ID text field.

3. Enter your password on the Passcode text field.

4. Click the scroll down button and select which page you want to go to.

5. Click LOGIN to finish.



Failed to finish the login process? Perform these steps to retrieve your Passcode:

1. Click Forgot passcode? link.

2. Fill up the required text fields.

3. Click Submit to continue.

4. Follow next onscreen instructions to finish.


Still failed to finish the login process? Contact New Peoples Bank directly to assist you with the New Peoples Bank Login process.


Customer Service



Online & Mobile Banking Support (available 24 hours a day):



Debit or Check Card Support (available 24 hours a day):



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